Who Decides to Get on Top?

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It is one of the most common issue for partners who especially both are equally experienced in sex. Most men always love to take control but in some cases there are some that wants to experience women to take control in bed. But there are some women that are too shy and always let the men lead the way. They just follow what their guy has started. Not so many women are comfortable in taking control and thinking of ways to start their love making session with their partner.

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But if both couple are able to drop the barrier in being open to all the topics that is related to your life together you will be able to discuss your bed session with your partner more openly.

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Men Are Always on Top

It is very common especially for couple that usually follows tradition for men to be always on top. But because of the internet and movies showing that it is possible for women to take the lead there are younger couple that loves to experiment. If you want to experience something different you can try out and let your lady partner take the lead. It will not subtract any manliness that you have but it will surely be another experience that you will never forget. Just make sure that your partner is willing to take on the part of taking the lead and be on top during your special night together.

Try to do Variation
If you are able to discuss it with your partner and both parties have agreed on it you can try on doing punish teens. Depending on who ask first, that person will have to take the lead and do whatever they have plan with their partner. This will give you enough time to learn more new things to surprise your partner with in bed and same goes to her when it’s her time to do her moves on you.
Watching movies together or reading on the same book where you can learn new things can help guide you in choosing which will be perfect for you and your partner to follow. You can also use your favorite position and do a reverse of it this time. Never forget to do good foreplay and if you feel you need it to use some sex toys to add more excitement to your experimentation.

Once you break the barrier between you and your partner you will be open to turning all your Cam Sex Videos into a reality. You can easily enjoy each of your sexual encounter if both of you are willing to do anything to experience new things. Now that you two are open with each other it will be easy for you to find inspiration discreetly with the power of the internet. You can even order any items that you think you need to enhance your experience together. You don’t have to let anybody know about what you share with your partner if you don’t want to but there are others that likes to talk about what they have done in bed and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as your partner is well aware of what you are doing.

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